With Nationlink Holdings, you reduce the likelihood of obtaining security solutions that don’t work. We have updated security systems in place to manage, monitor and assist in organizing clubs, pubs and party events. Please find below how partnering us avails you of quality solutions –

  • Certified professionals with professional approach to security
  • Use of latest security technologies
  • Quality methods applied to ensure zero security loopholes
  • Close circuit camera, Foot patrol, Executive protection
  • Special pub security officers well-trained to understand liquor licensing regulations and carry them out appropriately.

Why pub security is crucial?

Organizing pub security is a complexly detailed task that requires well-planned execution of ideas. Without a professional event security company, ensuring a private event would stay issue-free is wrong.
A methodical solution to ensure solid pub security

• Quality inspection
• Pub Asset security
• I.D. check
• Manning Doors ensuring authorized entries
• Ensuring club rules are adhered to by the patrons
• Liaising with emergency services if required
• Ensuring Liquor licensing regulations adhered to by the patrons
• Work closely with the bar manager/staff

Our security service is recognized for being efficient and professional! We believe our customers need to avail security service that ensures benefits, not just results. Should you have any query about the private and pub event security service, please feel free to contact us!